Babies, Children and Family

By babies I meant those little cuddly things that won't stop crying, poops alot and pukes everywhere! Don't you just love them?
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Brooks Family Portrait (9)
Our friends from SIL. Such a beautiful family. Very photogenic.
Abby Clinton (11)
David Harvard Sweater (6)
Tried out David's new sweater and hat then played around with the camera!
Baby Rafael @ 4 months (9)
Our first visit to our nephew Rafael aka Rafe aka Paeng aka Ringo.
The Reichenbachers (11)
Baby Abby Portraiture (17)
Baby Abby Ngo
David on Set (12)
Trying out my new studio lights. Victim: David, my almost 2 year old son.
Chua-De Leon-Ventura (21)
Family and Baby Portraiture
BG Test (9)
Just testing the new backgrounds I bought. And, of course, testing my newly acquired knowledge from Jay Alonzo's Advanced Studio Lighting.

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arlene ballescashow much for your baptismal package?thankx!