Just a bunch of my favorite photos.
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1 - Solitude
1 - Solitude
Comments: 83
1- Natalie in a Basket
1- Natalie in a Basket
Comments: 23
2 - White
2 - White
Comments: 2
3 - Carnivale
3 - Carnivale
Comments: 23
4 - Favorite Pasttime
4 - Favorite Pasttime
Comments: 2
5 - Heather
5 - Heather
Comments: 1
6 - Patricia
6 - Patricia
Comments: 2
7 - Longing
7 - Longing
Comments: 2
8 - Mara
8 - Mara
Comments: 2
9 - The Contender
9 - The Contender
Comments: 9
Birds of Prey
Birds of Prey
Comments: 4
Comments: 5
Comments: 91
IMG 9783
IMG 9783
Comments: 2
Into the Tunnel
Into the Tunnel
Comments: 1
Comments: 1
Night Lights at the Windy City
Night Lights at the Windy City
One Way Street
One Way Street
Quality Time
Quality Time
Comments: 0
Comments: 3
Sunrise at Bolinao
Sunrise at Bolinao
Comments: 3
The Cliff
The Cliff
Comments: 0
Twilight Zone
Twilight Zone
Comments: 8

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joanthis is also just a bunch of my favorite photos!
doc chingganda...ever consider a career in wedding photography?kunin kita...hehe
tony santosGreat shots, Marcel...will visit this more..
preckuya marcel, add ka pa more pics here! haha! super fave ko tong section na toh, specially ur landscape photos na todoh dramatic! feel ko tuloy i-paint sya in oil, if only may time! =p ciao!
shynnei love ur pictures of Bolinao, my favorite place in the world..kudos
Dr. Siegfried Perez-
Reminds me of the National Geographic girl... the one they shot sa South Africa? or somewhere. Basta, ganda shot mo!
Edwin HermosoWow!
Afghanistan. The Nat Geo photog shot the girl from Afgahnistan - then 20 odd years later, the photog found her - much, much older.

Ang galing, Mr. Marcel - "moment" talaga!


Ian RamosA Beautiful Portrait
Excellent work Mr. Marcel. I also saved your site to my favorites.. ang gaganda ng pictures, nakaka-inspire!
Marcel DudeThanks!
Thank you po! Thank you very much! Nakakataba po ng puso!
marcel's #1 fan!@#*!$!#
galing mo talaga!! captured na captured ang moment!! and tama sila, pwedeng pang national geographic!! sabi ko na sayo e, eto na ang simula ng pag-yaman mo!! hehehe!

Marcel: Hoy Trish (aka Dedet)! Hanggang dito ba naman? Hehehe. Thanks!!! Hoy ha! Yung pinagusapan natin! Ikaw ang next victim! Bwahahaha!
kaya inspired na inspired ka?

Marcel: Of course! Haha! Galing ha! Nahulaan mo!!!
konrad ongmotion
nice movement capture. you got the subjects in decent focus, the blur is part of the appeal. good shot.


Marcel: Thank you sir! I appreciate it.
NikonographerNice Shot!
Hi Marcel,

The blurring is very acceptable in my opinion because it still isolates your subject and makes it pop. The eyes are led directly to them so subject is very easy to identify. At first glance the photo has very nice impact making it a successful photograph. Further scrutiny however reveals the inconsistency of blurrs making it a bit of a fantasy. If your viewer has ever tried panning with his subjects before, he'd be able to identify the inconsistency in the blurred background. Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't the lights in the background supposed to be static? If so, then why are they blurred in different directions?

Put the scrutiny aside and you've got a fantastic photograph! Very nicely done and I even like the color treatment.

Marcel: Alrigt! I was trying to pan the shot, following the circular motion of the ride. Some of the lights in the background weren't part of the ride, maybe that's why the blurs looked inconsistent. Thanks sir for the in-depth critique!
Rhonson Ng-
very nice panning shot! i love shots like this!!!

here's one of my favorite..

Marcel: Thanks!
kat p-
hi marcel, it's a great photo--i think it's a successful image--toning,and all. ikeep shooting!


Marcel: Thank you very much Kat!
danielGood panning
Excellent panning Marcel. Konrad and Nikonographer were right, the focus is decent enough. I like the angle that you took, the focal length that you chose, and the play of light. My only wish now is that the subjects were more energetic. Well, one can't have everything. =) Hehe. Excellent photograph all in all, and that with a steady hand at 1/3sec. Cool!


Marcel: Thanks! Had to do it a couple of times. This is the best I could do.
i miss chicago especially lincoln park zoo
davideastwood city, libis
mini-carnivale in Eastwood city, Libis, Quezon City. that's me and my mom riding the ferris wheel
group of fishermen in boracay
kawayanpaturo paturo!!
pano yan?? pano yang sa matang yan!?

ang ganda. gusto kong gañan din. parang librodo.
paturo kuya!
Visitor920I have visited your site 414-times
Olga PerdigueroGreat picture
It's one of the greatest pictures I've ever seen. That look is so strong
Ace Balasador-
"Reminds me of the National Geographic girl... the one they shot sa South Africa? or somewhere. Basta, ganda shot mo!..."

but the thing is walang photoshop 20 years ago :D unlike now, it can be easily made ;)

but a still a good pic, ganda ng pic :)
i jst love bolinao..galing
JerubbaalThe Next Big Thing
Watch out for the coming of the next Babyweight World boxing Champion.
No Baby Punches Here
zildjianPls no Bobby "blow blow" Pacquiao
The next Golden Boy!!!
Manny Pacquiao-
Sure bro. I think he will be the best in the future. This coming from the Pacman himself ;)
ayus to bro a
meron future to
?!@!?#@&The Legend is Born!
grabe sinong matinong tatay gagawa nito sa ank nya?? tell me, tell me???!!!

the best ka tlga marcel!!! hehehe!!

the golden boy "david"!!!
Sino nga bang matino?
hahhahha.. ang cute!!
JohnDon't Worry, Be Happy! =)
Don't Worry, Be Happy! =)
it was truly a beautiful shot! galing po! :)
Manny I-
beautiful capture......
would love to see the print.... pretty sure it would come out really well.
Ian MartinezTextures
I love the textures in this photo. Nicely executed.

The use of materials that invokes childhood sentiments from a native like me (of the Phil of course) is brilliant. Who can overlook the wicker basket, the unusual beady texture of an old blanket? It brings back memories.
Edwin ArceoAng galing!
Marcel! Iba ka! Ituro mo naman sa akin how u processed that kahit na private email lang. Please!!
Marcel: Adobe Camera Raw lang yan. Vignette, then sa Channels->Saturation, binaba ko yung Red and Orange.
so beautiful! :-)
this is no nice!
this is really nice. my wife is pregnant and is due this oct. i'll definitely get u to be my photographer!
Astig bro! Ang husay!

DianeThis is GORGEOUS!
Marcel, you will have to take pictures of my baby, Kenadie, when you come back to California. You truly have a gift! Thanks for sharing.
Au Lim-
Cool! Ganda ah.... :-D
Ang Galing! Punong Puno ng Photoshop yung larawan! wala akong masabi! baka pwede mong i-post yun original file at gusto kong makita ng walang daya! dyan ako magbibigay ng comment
Marcel: Achuuu, Inggit!!! Hehehehe, joke lang po!
bitter mo "clicker" ah.

hey marcel! galing ng gawa! :)
nice one MArcel! don't mind the antagonists! it still takes effort to produce a beautiful photo---whether with photoshop or not.
hindi yata marunong tumingin yang clicker eh. levels lang ginawa jan. nagfi-feeling kasi. down with naysayers!!!
ang cute naman!!gawan mo din ako!;)
Marcel: Nyayks!!! Ang laki mo na eh, hindi ka na kasya sa basket! Haha!
great shot
absolutely beautiful, Marcel. And God Bless the makers of PhotoShop and those who use it. And Ive seen some of your SOTC shots, they're fantastic without the tweaking. You have a gift, bro.
What an amazing photograph. Beautiful work.
Hi marcel! Nice pics you got here. Napunta ka pala sa probinsya namin. Try mo rin visit Tondol. :D See you at Amoranto.
lalalalab ko to!galing neto! :)
have you edited the eyes on this shot?

Marcel: Yup. I think I brightened it up a bit. But no artificial addition or dodging and burning.
bakit walang comment dito?

maganda naman ang focus ng liwanag a. Tama lang para magawa nila ang paborito nilang past time: ang mabilang ng kable ng kuryente.

Pero napaka ganda nito dahil ang mga subjects ay nakakapag hatid ng kwento.

gigimbakit ulit
Eto wala na namang nag comment. Nakuha siguro sa tingin.

Di naman nakaka intimidate ang tingin nung babae a.

Kung tutuusin maganda ang pagkaka direct at pagkakuha ng expression ng mukha.

Pupusta ako ng limang piso, masayang bagay ang iniisp ng babaeng ito nang kunan ang litratong ito.
gigimBakit na naman
O eto wala ring comment.

Ngayon ko lang naisip kung paano gumawa ng shot na parang akala mo nakatingin sayo pero hindi.

parang floating stare.


sir saan po ba galing ang ilaw nito?

Marcel: Ang ilaw ho nito ay galing sa isang chandelier na nasa ibabaw lang ho namin. Salamat po!
gigimbakit nga ulit
Eto rin walang comment.

Malamang tama na siguro 'to sa panlasa ng mga marunong sa photography, wala kasi silang nabanggit.

Pero para sa akin na mahilig lang tumingin maganda ang pagka kuha. Kitang kita ang manipis na kulay brown nyang mata.

Pero kung di ko nabasa ang title,(unless pangalan yon ng babaeng nasa larawan) di ko makita ang estorya, at di ko rin magawan. Di ko kasi alam kung ano yung hawak nya at kung ano yung parang kulay dilaw malapit sa noo.

ganun pa man, maganda pa rin, at di pa rin nauubos ang bilib ko sa gumawa ng larawang ito.

Marcel: Haha! Salamat ho. Puno ho yang nasa likod niya, at maliliit na dahon yung malapit sa noo niya. Hehe.
kuya, paano po ba ito kinunan?

nakaluhod ba kayo sa calsada?

at meron ho ba itong flash?

Marcel: Hindi ho. Nakasakay ho ako sa isang bus nito at mula sa salamin sa likod ng bus, nakuhanan ko ho ito.
gigimbuhay...meron wala?
malungkot ang larawang ito.

Walang kulaY. Walang buhay.

Ang puno, walang dahon.

Ang langit, makulimlim.

Ang dagat, nakasimangot din.

Pero, gamit ang kamera mo...

Binigyan buhay mo ang mga walng kabuhay buhay na ito.
gigimparang life
Ang buhay

parang litrato mong "One Way Street",

pwedeng magkasabay,

pero di pwedeng magkasalubong,

pwedeng lumingon,

pero di pwedeng umatras.

Madumi man ang landas,

pwede pa ring magpunas.
Hahaha! Maraming salamat sa mga kalugud-lugud niyong mga salita! Binigyan niyo ho ako ng ngiti sa aking labi at kulay sa aking buhay!

Sana ho'y magbalik kayo at magbigay pa ng ilang pang makukulay na komento. Maraming salamat ho ulit!
gigimappreciation and inspiration
I stumble upon your website by accident. I browsed, and I liked what I saw. I thought comments were just for members, but my comment was accepted when I tried.

It is both appreciation and inspiration which prompted me to write those combination of words.

Hindi po ako photographer, mahilig lang po akong tumingin. Na inspire lang ako sa mga nakita ko.

I was not expecting that you would give a reply. You are welcome and thank you too.

very serene face... excellent portrait!
hi can you give me advise on how to pan using ixus 960 is
I like this!
too much darkness cant see any details
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