Los Angeles

City of Angels? Hmmm... the only angels I saw were my cousins. Shyeah!!! Suck up! XL shirt, feet: 9 1/2
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Disneyland (34)
Where all you wishes come true!!!
Universal Studios (23)
Lots of new stuff here! Nice! Although there was this really rude lady that made my 2 year old son sit down because his 14 year old son couldn't see the show! What the?! Then how's my son gonna see the show?!
Sea World (33)
Yes! Fun. A bit boring though compared to Universal and Disneyland. That's why the pictures are better. I have more time to think about the photo before I capture it.
Hollywood, House, Airport (19)
Photos from Hollywood, Auntie Thelma's House and from the Airport.

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