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Canyon Cove Photos by Marcel Lainez

Canyon Cove

Infrared shots from 2010 and panoramic shots from 2008
(Hits: 31549)

Panoramas (7)
These are the panos I took at Canyon Cove. Used my DIY Pano Head!

Canyon Cove Dusk
Canyon Cove Dusk
Canyon Cove
Canyon Cove Logo
Canyon Cove Logo
Canyon Cove
Comments: 75
Canyon Cove Natalie Playground
Canyon Cove Natalie Playground
Canyon Cove
Comments: 1
Canyon Cove Sunset David
Canyon Cove Sunset David
Canyon Cove
Infrared 22 Resort
Infrared 22 Resort
Canyon Cove
Comments: 1
Infrared 25 Pool
Infrared 25 Pool
Canyon Cove
Comments: 1
Infrared 52 Pool
Infrared 52 Pool
Canyon Cove
Comments: 1
Infrared 54 Pool
Infrared 54 Pool
Canyon Cove
Comments: 4
Infrared 55 Pool
Infrared 55 Pool
Canyon Cove
Comments: 7
Infrared 57 Pool
Infrared 57 Pool
Canyon Cove
Comments: 1
Infrared 61 Beach
Infrared 61 Beach
Canyon Cove
Comments: 0

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